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Small Wins 

Yesterday I was chatting with my good friend Luke Beard about ideas and projects and I came to the awful realization that I don’t have a lot to show for last year. Obviously I worked and delivered all year long, however, I worked on parts of projects and specific features. Things like an integration to a third-party service, code restructing and refactoring, and a lot of similar things. I also had a lot of research projects for clients that simply never saw the light of day.

My conversation with Luke made me realize that I need to get back into the habbit of making money on my own again and I need a small win to get the ball going. If you’ve been keeping up, this has been a goal of mine for a while but I was invisioning a medium-sized project that would eventually replace the income I make from consulting. The thing is, without any momemtum, the odds of me getting through the slog of a project are pretty slim. I think I need some small wins to start gaining some momemtum. Since sales from Bloom have all but dried up (and rightly so, hello iOS 6 design) my income has been 99% percent from the hours I put into consulting for clients. And I would like to change this soon.

One idea is bring Bloom back to life but I’m very skeptical of making any money from App Store with a utility app these days. I have a fear that so few are willing to pay for app that it would be more demoralizing than helpful to go the App Store route. Another direction is to build out a small scheduling web service; an idea that I’ve been kicking around for a few weeks. Web development is certainly where my greatest strengths are and I think the core of the idea is small enough that it could be done very quickly. The last option is go down the route of “info-product”. I’ve been programming and in “tech” a long time now. I also learn quickly and I enjoy writing. However, this option feels douchey and I’m not sure I have self-promotion chops to make it a success.

I’ve been graced with some beginning-of-the-year optimism and I want to focus it on a project quickly. I want to spend a good chunk of the day exploring and, more importantly, I want to decide on a direction by the end of the day. Tune in tomorrow.