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A Brief Camper Update 

Its been a bit quiet around here, having a new born in the house and all. But I don’t want to make silence a habit and in an effort to keep that from happening I thought I’d give an update on my office/camper project.

It too as suffered from my free time being compressed by a crying newborn. I have the inside insulated—finally the camper is a place where its better than when I got it—and I’m currently working on trimming the insulation down. This has been slow going as I’ve only been able to work on it in 30-minute segments. Its also messy work the requires putting on goggles and respirator, which always makes me wonder if I’m hacking a few days off of the end of my life.

I should be able to start putting up the interior walls within the next few weeks. I’ll still need to build the seat area, my desk, and some book shelves. Although I’m moving slowly on the project, I’m still having a blast. Its been a great away to blow off some steam after being screamed at in the face by six week old.