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A Day in the Life 

I’ve been very busy lately with work, family, and friends. I thought it might be nice see what I’ve been up to rather than just read about it. Its also a great deal easier for me show rather than tell right now and I’ve been meaning to start adding some pictures to my website for a while now. This is what my life looked like a week ago today on the 11th of May.

A bowl of nuts
Rather than laying in bed, wide awake, I got up early at 4am, with a bowl of nuts, and got to work.
A backyard garden
Before everyone else was awake I snuck out to the garden to check on the beans that I had planted. It seems that squirrels have eaten half of the sprouts.
Hops on the ground
The trellis I had up last year for the hops fell down over the winter. I haven’t had the time to put up anything to support the hops aghain so they are sprawling all over the garden.
A man, latte, and wine bottles
My father-in-law and I walked around the corner from our house to grab coffee and chat at Cherry Picker.
A glowing keyboard and a computer monitor display code
I spent most of the day down in my office in the basement working. A lot of my time was spent configuring servers which is not my favorite task.
A vintage camper with tools and building materials leaning against it
I went over a plan with my father-in-law to build a deck outside of my soon-to-be office.
Two men looking out the windshield of a truck traveling down a highway
My father is the one with a truck these days. He drove us to the hardware store to buy some wood and other materials for the deck.
White gas tanks along the side of a highway
A storm was coming in the on the horizon as we drove through the rural parts outside of Springfield.
Cedar wood inside of a hardware store
I hate going to these big hardware stores but we were able to get everything we needed to build a new deck in one stop.