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Quitting Eligo 

I was tempted to use the word sunsetting as a joke but then thought better of it. I tried to change to the world through easier appointment scheduling </joke>. Jokes aside, I ceased development on Eligo. Why? I had a mostly feature complete alpha working but I was never using it myself. When I asked why this was, I realized that what I was trying to do was a problem solved by better communication. Throwing technology at the simple task of finding a time to meet with someone is impersonal and perhaps even a little rude.

I really don’t feel bad about the time I spent on Eligo. It allowed me to learn to use Elixir and the Phoenix Framework which set me up well for my current gig at Spinlist. This was the first time I deployed an app on FreeBSD. I got to try some new programming techniques, which can be a challenge to do on client projects, and I even got to experiment with different business methodologies add learn that they certainly weren’t for me.

There were only a handful of people (all of whom I was close to) experimenting with the service so there really isn’t much more to say and far as the shutdown goes. The servers will be off and the domain inaccessible as soon as I hit “destroy” on the Digital Ocean instances.

The next side project that I do is going to be less focused on being a business and more focused on solving a problem that I have. I want it to be fun and useful and I want it to be built ethically and correctly. It will focus on the things that I’m good at: simple clear UI—as opposed to being trendy—and snappy interfaces and response times. Ideally I’d like to do something involving one of my big passions: travel.