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Life, Camper, and Elixir 

Its been quiet around here and unfortunately all I can offer at this point is a simple update as to what has been going on in my life:

We’re still getting used to having a baby in the house again. I maybe written this before but I either forgot how difficult this part is or our son is a hard baby to deal with. Lots of sleepless nights and there is always the constant sound of a baby’s cry in the background of our house, particularly when I’m trying to get work done. I really need to get my camper office finished.

Speaking of the camper office, I should have the ceiling put up tomorrow. Installing the ceiling has been one of the most challenging parts because it has those wonderful curves on it. My father has helped me notch the thin pieces of plywood which allows them to bend along the curve. Once this plywood is up I’ll need to work on staining it… its never ending! I’ll be lucky if I’m working out of the camper by September. I think my goal by this point is to be in there by Thanksgiving.

Outside of some static websites that I maintain (like the one you are reading now) I’ve been developing almost exclusively in Elixir lately and let me tell you: its been a joy. I released another small Hex package called date_params that helps turn the values of a map into Elixir 1.3’s native date structs. Its really helpful in the context of receiving HTTP params in Phoenix.

Even though it has been quiet around here I have been writing. Lately I’ve been trying to write down as much as I remember about a trip I took to Tanzania in late 2014. I’ve enjoyed getting my thoughts down and funny how once I started thinking about my trip so many of the little details that I forgot of it started coming back to me. The writing is going very slow—I’m really an sub-par writer—but I’m happy with what I’ve got so far.