Concerning Jeremy Boles

Professionally, Jeremy Boles is an independant software engineer who runs a tiny studio under the moniker Central Standard. He has been making digital goods for over fifteen years, getting his start by making Netscape-3.2-optimized websites for punk rock and ska bands in exchange for merch in the late 90’s. These days Jeremy creates much more sophisticated software and has had the pleasure of working with some wonderful people, like his friends at Spinlist, Delighted, Exposure, and Hipstamatic, to name a few.

Jeremy has been called a full-stack developer by people who like to come up with names for this sort of thing, handling both client side development—like iOS and modern web applications—as well as being able to handle the engineering and scaling of large back-end systems. Throw in a respect for design and good aesthetic taste and you’ve got someone who can help bring a cohesiveness to a product like few others can.

In 2013, Jeremy helped Hipstamatic build their community product called Oggl. He was responsible for architecting the infastructure of the social network and designing the API that both the iOS and Windows Phone client communicated with; all with a back-end engineering team consisting of merely himself.

Recently, Jeremy has been working on a few projects of his own as well as continuing to help his friends and clients with the excedingly interesting ideas that they come up with. Do reach out if Jeremy can be of service to a project you’re working on. If you’re interested in what Jeremy’s current priorities are, peruse his /now page.

Personal Biography

Jeremy lives in a historic district within the Southwest Missouri town of Springfield with his wife, Danielle, their young daughter, Claire, and new son, Liam. He suffers from the seemingly incurable condition of acquiring new hobbies. He has been a homebrewer for seven years and has recently planted a small fifty-vine vineyard; both of which keep his family’s cellars well stocked.

Good food—and drink—are important parts of he and his family’s life. They maintain a fairly hefty garden in their small backyard and enjoy making things in their kitchen that most would never dream of not buying, like home-cured pancetta and guanciale, cultured butter, and saurkraut fermented by the area’s miroflora. Some people call it slow food, others call it crazy, Jeremy and his family simply call it living well.

The Boles family are semi-frequent travelers always saving for the next time they can stick a new pin into the map on their wall. In 2013, when their daughter was eight months old, they took up residence in the North-Tuscan down of Lucca, Italy for the month of February. In December of 2014 Jeremy spent ten days visiting a friend in Tanzania. The trip also took him through France, the Netherlands, and England by boat, plane, and train. Jeremy regularly travels to New York and San Francisco for work, so get in touch if you’ll be in the area and would like grab a coffee or beer.

About the Website

This website has gone through quite a few changes since 2005, when it first launched. That first incarnation was a blog documenting a restless young man about to start a career (full of twenty-something angst). As job responsibilities grew and blogging lost its luster, the website morphed into several styles of about pages pointing to various social media profiles Jeremy maintained around the internet. The current version is a feeble attempt to get back into blogging and an experiment in controling one’s presence on the web again.

For those interested in the technical aspects of the site: it is a static website generated using a fabulous tool called Middleman. It is deployed to a Debian instance on Digital Ocean and then served up by the venerable web server, Nginx. The three typefaces used on this website are: Alegreya, Montserrat, and Playfair Display. The font files for all the type are hosted on this very website—unless you have them installed on your computer—for visitor privacy.

The solitary maple leaf that graces the header of the website is a subtle knod to Jeremy’s daughter’s fascination with the leaves she finds on walks around their neighborhood and is there to remind everyone that even simple, everyday objects that blow around in the breeze can be treasures if one just takes the time to bend down and look at them.