Aerfoirt: An Elixir Libary for Airport Data 

I’ve just released my first Elixir library: Aerfoirt. Aerfoirt—which means airports in Irish—is a very simple library to help you get basic information about world airports. In essence, it is a key-value store where you look up an airport by its IATA code and it gives you back useful information, such has timezone, GPS coords, and other location information.

This was my first time packaging something up for Hex, Elixir’s package manager as well as my first time releasing any Elixir code that I’ve written. Even though this a very niche library and not many people will end up using it, its intimidating putting code out there in a language I’m still pretty green at.

Installation and basic usage instructions can be found at the repo. If you end up using this within a project you’re working on, let me know! And, of course, bug reports and code tweaks are certainly welcome.

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100 Words 015 

I’ve been really enjoying messing with Elixir lately. I’ve had a few flings with Erlang in the past and while I always enjoyed it, it never found a permanent place in my toolkit. The goofy—to my eyes—syntax of Erlang is mostly to blame for that but the lack of an easy to use web framework didn’t help much either. I came across Phoenix not too long ago and I’ve started a few personal projects using it. Its really nice having a more readable syntax along with some of things I really loved about Erlang, like pattern matching. I’m liking where this rabit hole is going.